Our Story

Who We Are

With offices in Washington, D.C. and São Paulo, Blackpoll Capital Partners is an experienced team of investors and operators who are committed to building dynamic healthcare companies in the U.S. and Latin America.  We partner with founders and management teams of healthcare enterprises to realize robust growth potential, improve quality and outcomes of care, and produce a significant social impact.

A Boundless Perspective

The blackpoll warbler is a migratory bird that makes one of the longest non-stop long-distance flights over water, traveling from North America to South America.  In addition to being our namesake, the blackpoll warbler also embodies our trans-continental geographic reach.

Our Focus 

Over the past century, technological advances in healthcare have significantly increased life expectancy.  We invest in middle-market healthcare companies that have developed innovative products, services, and payment and delivery platforms that will enhance the quantity and quality of life for the populations they serve.  Our target healthcare verticals include:







Medical Devices

Specialty Pharmaceuticals


Ambulatory and Acute Services

Behavioral Health

Health IT

Pharmaceutical Services

Pharmacy Services

Physician Groups

Water & Sanitation

Water Processing

Waste Recycle/Recovery

Water Cycle Management

We invest in leading healthcare companies with seasoned management teams, distinct competitive advantages, robust growth potential, and low cyclicality.  We do not invest in start-ups or venture capital opportunities.  Conversely, we employ a bespoke, flexible investment strategy that includes leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, leveraged recapitalizations, and growth equity transaction types.  We are active investors with a preference for control equity transactions, but we are comfortable with strategic minority equity investments that will afford us board influence.

A Differentiated Approach



We are unique in that we possess "bedside to boardroom" expertise.  Our team is composed of individuals with unparalleled breadth and depth of clinical and operational experience, enabling us to bring valuable knowledge and insights to our portfolio companies.

Global & Local


Our team possesses the language fluency, cultural competency, and deep understanding of the local environments in which we invest.  We not only leverage our network of global and local contacts to source proprietary transactions, but also provide value creation and risk mitigation support to our portfolio companies so that they can become industry leaders.  



Regardless of the country, healthcare is one of the most regulated and policy-laden industries.  Being strategically headquartered in Washington, D.C., our team has extensive healthcare policy experience and relationships that can assist our portfolio companies in navigating complex domestic and global healthcare environments.  

Commitment to Partnership

Partnership defines our relationships.  By valuing the human element and understanding the distinctive strengths and challenges of the founders and management teams of our portfolio companies, we are able to work together toward a shared vision and drive positive outcomes.