Investment Approach

Our Mission

We partner with founders and management teams of middle market healthcare companies throughout the U.S. and Latin America to make an economic and social impact within the communities that we serve.

Our Values


We seek to attain a shared success, and work collaboratively with founders and management teams of portfolio companies to improve the quality of care and health outcomes of the populations we serve.


We are open to new and innovative ideas, technologies, and approaches that have the potential to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes, as well as yield return on investment.


We operate with the highest ethical standards, avoiding any investments or practices that may compromise patient care or relationships with stakeholders.


We prioritize the well-being and care of patients above all else.  This means focusing on investments in companies and technologies that improve patient outcomes and experiences.


We are transparent in our communication and decision-making, providing investors and stakeholders with accurate and timely information.

Our Process


For each of our target healthcare verticals, we have developed a research-based investment thesis that details long-term market potential, driver of growth, policy implications, and risk factors.  Translated into a multi-scenario financial model, these theses guide our proprietary and disciplined deal sourcing process.


We employ a selective investment criteria to determine the companies will engage.  In addition to evaluating the intrinsic characteristics of companies, a core component of our vetting process is determining if and how we can add value.  Upon deciding to engage, our background and fluency in the language of healthcare affords us substantial credibility with founders and management teams of companies in which we seek to invest.  


Each Blackpoll transaction is consummated by a dedicated team of composed of investment professionals and operating partners.  Given our dedication to partnership, we employ a flexible, bespoke structure to each opportunity investment, ensuring that we have mutually aligned interests with the founders and management teams of portfolio companies.


Our value creation framework is built upon active involvement in our porfolio companies.  In partnership with portfolio company management teams, we:

i) Define a value creation strategy

ii) Set operating priorities

iii) Engage local/global experts in our network

iv) Develop a Board of Directors and governance structure

v) Augment gaps in management and critical talent areas

vi) Continuously monitor operations and macro industry and policy trends

vii) Expand into new markets

viii) Explore opportunities to acquire synergistic businesses 


An exit strategy is developed upon our initial engagement with a company.  We maintain relationships with numerous strategic exit partners, and continuously refine our strategy throughout the course of our investment to identify the optimal time and conditions for realizing an exit.